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Reclaim your strength, resilience and zest for life... with the power of

the breath

the cold

the now

what we do

The Breath Connection aims to address the nations rising stress levels and give people back their resilience and zest for life!


We advocate conscious breathing, cold water therapy, good nutrition and the power of 'the now', and teach these elements in our breathwork courses, live workshops and 'reset retreats' because of their combined effect on rebalancing the nervous system.

Sam Murray , a former Royal Marine Commando who battled the black dog of depression, found his love of the breath initially through the Wim Hof Method, and immediately recognised the healing power of conscious breathwork and cold water immersion.

In 2020, Sam met Miranda Bailey, a Nutritional Therapist & Breathwork Practitioner, who has a shared interest in how conscious breathing can be used to support mental health and ease chronic health symptoms.


Sam & Miranda set up The Breath Connection out of a desire to help individuals garner greater resilience and reduce their stress  - both within the general community, and also within the Armed Forces, the Police & other Blue Light Services. 

We recognise that stress can be debilitating but together we aim to help you to:

Breathe | Connect | Thrive

We support two charities: Rock2Recovery & The Curtis Palmer Program (The Pilgrim Bandits) who both support veterans & the Emergency Services. If you'd like to donate to these charities directly, please do so by clicking the link below: