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Police Force Testimonials:

"I would highly recommend this as a tool that people can use - it takes you from the fight or flight response to rest and digest - so important in such highly stressful jobs such as Police Service. The style of breathwork has been developed by Miranda & Sam to be calming and therapeutic and genuinely shifts stuck trauma and emotions" 

"The course was fantastic. The early start was a great way to begin the day. I have benefitted from an increased positive mind-set with more energy throughout the day... a great addition to my health and well-being. In particular I have improved energy in the late afternoon lull.  

"I can honestly say that I have at times managed to obtain a sense of calm and ease that I have been unable to obtain since the incident that caused my PTSD in 2015. Something I was beginning to believe was not possible. I’ve tried various types of counselling and numerous medications to no real avail. So it still feels strange that something so simple as breathing and cold water could bring this about.”

"I have found it extremely beneficial and have found my mood has lifted.  I really enjoy the breathwork and, weirdly enough, the cold water immersion.  The cold water was a huge challenge.  Overcoming that and noticing the breathwork come into play in my daily life has been awesome."

Veteran Testimonials:

"This course opens your life to developing strategies for living more calmly" (S. W. Former Naval Nurse)

"I am a veteran, seriously injured whilst serving in the Army a number of years ago. Unfortunately, I was shot a number of times which left me with not only physical injuries but also hidden mental ones too. Part of my PTSD is hyper vigilance, where I spend quite a lot of my time looking out for danger. I also find it hard to sit and relax, always trying to keep my mind busy. I knew that day [during my 1st session], I had discovered something both very special and possibly life changing. During the [10 day] course I really began to understand how these techniques worked and how much of a positive impact they were having on my life by doing them. Things that would normally upset and worry me, I was able to accept and let go of. I have had a positive and life changing experience from doing this course." (C.B. Former British Army)

"I couldn't recommend this course more. You're also surrounded by some incredible likeminded people that are all there to support you - this course is an absolute life changer." (C.M. Former British Army)

"Another great session on our ten day journey. Really enjoying it. Amazing ice dip after wards, felt very calm and rested. My demons were silent. (J.C. Former Royal Marine PTI)

Public Testimonials:

"I decided a year ago to manage my peri-menopause in a natural way.. but I was still struggling at times to get on top of my anxiety. The 10 day course fell on my two 'low' weeks of my cycle and it was amazing how the daily breathing practice and cold showers really helped to keep my anxiety at bay and my energy levels up. I feel confident that these tools will help me cope with my journey through the menopause" (S.H)

"I am feeling calmer and more joyful. I am back to feeling joy in the everyday things rather than fear! I am so glad to have found this game-changing tool of well-being!" (C.S.)

"Since starting my journey with The Breath Connection, not only have I been guided with the dynamic breathing and cold water therapy but I’ve learnt to stop living in the past. To not worry, stress or be anxious about the future because that’s not arrived, but to live in the NOW as that can be truly amazing." (J.G.)

"A wonderful, euphoric and humbling experience." (A.B.)

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