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The People

If you're called to come on one of our retreats on your own - we absolutely welcome and encourage you to do so!! And whether you come as a single person or with a friend or partner, you're guaranteed to leave the retreat with some amazing new mates! We're always blessed with wonderful people... so don't worry if you arrive on your own, you'll soon feel part of our amazing family of beautiful humans!


The Breathwork

We explore a variety of conscious breathwork techniques over our time together - several variations of our signature 'Dynamic Breathwork' as well as Conscious Connected Breathing, Buteyko, Pranayama and daily chanting!


The Itinerary

In addition to the breathwork and cold water immersion, we incorporate a variety of activities over the course of the Reset Retreat: sound healing, yoga, nature walks, personal enquiry, journaling... as well as the ceremonial features we include. We've been honoured to have some incredible facilitators on our previous retreats - and long may these collaborations continue!


The Place

Our retreats are currently held at Lamledra House, in Cornwall. With clean safe beaches to swim in and an expanse of stunning Cornish coastline to wander on during our daily nature walks. Lamledra houses up to 12 guests in single beds in shared rooms and the house looks directly out to sea and the exquisite Vault beach.


The Cold Water

The Atlantic Sea awaits your arrival! But fear not if you've never bathed in cold water before, we will guide and support you every step of the way, using mindful breathing techniques to help you manage your immersion. Both strong and non-swimmers are welcome.

sea small.jpeg

The Food, the Ceremony, the Connections...

Our retreat food is lovingly prepared by the inimitable Trish (from Earth Cafe) who prepares the most delicious and exquisite vegan meals to nourish both the bellies and souls of our guests. Trish also facilitates our drumming sessions around the fire, as we call on our ancestors and spirits to take our offerings that we write down and burn during our final night's fire ceremony!

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