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We have a number of different breathwork offerings to help you reconnect the body with the breath.

Our aim is to help you reduce stress, lift your mood, lower anxiety and increase resilience amongst a whole host of other health benefits.

Take a look at all of our offerings below and join us on a session to get started on your breathwork & cold water journey today!

Dynamic Breathwork & Cold Water Immersion sessions

We hold Dynamic Breathwork & Cold Water Immersion sessions at Mellor Parish Centre, Church Road, SK6 5LX

Breath, fire and ice sessions involve: Dynamic Breathwork, and a sauna & ice bath experience.


With hot drinks and sweet treats.

Online: 10 day course of Dynamic Breathwork

Our signature online course, as used with the Curtis Palmer Program, various Police Forces, Emergency Service workers, & NHS Trusts. 


Join us for 10 consecutive days (two weeks, Monday to Friday) of Dynamic Breathwork practice.

Begin your (work) day from a place of greater calm and resilience with ten consecutive mornings of Dynamic Breathwork via Zoom.

Day Retreats

Day Retreats are held monthly at Mellor Parish Centre, Church Road, SK6 5LX

Join us for one of our special days which include any combination of:

Cacao ceremony,


Tension Release Exercises


Restorative Yoga

Dynamic Breathwork & ice baths

Nature walks & meditations

With a vegan lunch, sweet treats, & drinks.

Private Dynamic Breathwork & Cold Water Immersion sessions

Private sessions with Sam and & Miranda can be arranged for groups of 12-30 people and are perfect for your small group needs, including celebrations or corporate events.

We’ll lead your group through a conscious dynamic breathwork session before taking you into a guided cold-water immersion (ice baths).


Nutritious vegan/vegetarian snacks, light bites or meals can also be included.

Contact us for details and prices.

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