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Breathwork & Policework

We are extremely proud to be working with a number of Police Forces across the UK. Our work with the Police has grown out of our longstanding relationship with the Curtis Palmer Program, an incredible charity that looks after serving and retired Police Officers and Staff with physical injury, illness and mental health wellbeing.

forces we have worked with

Curtis Palmer Program

We have now run eighteen 10-Day Dynamic Breathwork courses with the Curtis Palmer Program (with funding assistance from The Blue Light Card Foundation). Participants have attended from numerous Forces and often included those from veteran/military communities such as the Forces Wives.

Thames Valley Police

The Force Wellbeing Team at Thames Valley Police have funded The Breath Connection to deliver both Dynamic Breathwork sessions and Functional Breathing workshops for 12 months, until August 2024. These online sessions run three times a week and are available to the entire Force.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary

We are also running two Dynamic Breathwork sessions every week for 12 months with Hampshire & IOW Constabulary until November 2024. Both TVP and Hampshire & IOW sessions are available to both Forces.

Forensic Collision Investigation Unit training day: October 2022

Metropolitan Police

Our last 10 Day Breathwork & cold water course of 2023 (via the CPP) was delivered to Officers at the Met Police.

SHINE wellbeing: workshop August 2023

Devon & Cornwall Police

Wellfest: October 2023

British Transport Police

Wellbeing Team workshop: September 2023

Wellbeing conference: November 2023

Gloucestershire Constabulary

Detectives workshop: June 2021

Gwent Police

10 Day Dynamic Breathwork course: November 2023

National Investigators 

Wellbeing of Investigators week: November 2023

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